Doesn't Not Compute

My log of experiences with GNU/Linux and computers in general.

Everybody do the snail flail…

Turns out that the Snail (see the hardware page) actually has 40MB memory instead of 8MB…this will make things much easier. I just wish I remembered whether that was there all along, or if I put some in and forgot about it.  😐 Probably the latter 🙂

It has Windows 95 on it, the first verison of it, before Leechosoft began “bolting” Internet Explorer onto their system to kill Netscape. It also has AOL 4.0, some version of Lotus 1-2-3, Quicken 4, and a game or two. (Microsoft Golf 1999, anybody?) Personally, as far as the light feel of it goes, I consider this is the best interface they’ve ever made. Keep it simple, snail. I don’t fancy color schemes and such imposed on me,  and I sure don’t really NEED massively hicolor icons. I work better without that stuff — less distracting.

Now remember folks, this is a Pentium 75MHz computer I’m talking about here, with a reasonable selection of software installed, and I’ve done almost nothing to it.

It booted up in 51 seconds.

After I ran Defrag, and disabled the wallpaper, it booted in 45.

I’m truely shocked. I’m seriously tempted to hunt down Windows 95 drivers for one of my ethernet adapters, pop it in, and see how it handles the modern internet. But, no. I’ve got better things to waste my time with 😀

I’m definitely going to play a few of the games on here though, as I’ve never heard of them. I might even hunt them down online and play them in an emulator one of these days, who knows. The only piece of the future that is set in stone is that the future will never be set in stone. 🙄 That, and that Windows 95 is coming off of there.


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