Doesn't Not Compute

My log of experiences with GNU/Linux and computers in general.

Escargot d’Silicon

So far, installing GNU/Linux on the Snail has been an utter failure. Since the machine cannot boot from CDROM (ancient, remember? BIOS copyright in the early to mid-90’s) I’ve tried hooking up the hard drive to a much newer machine, and even double-checked the disk access mode to make sure it was compatible, but it’s not working so far. I put Debian 5.01 on, with a generic initrd and a 486 kernel, and it boots just fine on the newer computer, but I get crc errors on the older PC.

I’ll try it one last time — the extra trouble of hooking the hard drive into another computer is less annoying than the time it would take to boot from a floppy and install on the Pentium 75.

All this reminds me: that newer computer isn’t on the Hardware list yet. I’ll rectify that when my eyes don’t ache.

P.S.: And no, I don’t really speak French, sorry.


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