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A list of possible future projects, 1st edition

I’ve noticed that there are very, very few people that have visted this blog. I’m not disappointed, seeing as how I’ve barely begun, so don’t get wrong. Today’s entry’s seemingly off-topic intro is here to thank those people. So far, the grand totals are (insert drumroll)… 5 views in one day on July 7 and a total of 22 views in this month of July! So some people are interested, and perhaps even keeping an eye on it. To all of you, even if you’re neither interested nor keeping an eye on things — thanks, you make this even more worthwhile!

So, as both an incentive for me to keep working on things, I’ve decided to come up with an official list of projects to work on. I won’t be able to start them until at least Friday,  July 24 due to real-life intervening 😦 but at least the ideas will be here. Without further ado (besides this sentence), the nonprioritized list:

  • Find a header/banner that is under Creative Commons or similar license, or else is public domain, to replace this theme’s attractive but off-subject picture.
  • Take a more organized shot at the console apps K. Mandla has mentioned, such as screen-vs, alpine, moc, and others. I already use Nano more than I do Leafpad when I don’t need document-to-document copy-and-paste, so in a way I’m already started! 😀
  • Get some spraypaint or something and repaint one of these Compaq Deskpro ENs I’ve got laying around.  Color suggestions welcome, although solid red and any form of pink are off limits. After all, it might very well go to college with me this fall. :~)
  • Compile and then archive Icecat for Debian — preferably in i386 and i686 varieties — unless I locate it already created somewhere. In which case, I’ll post the link 😉 It is unlikely that I’ll submit it to the Debian Sid repos for some time, if ever, but if after a couple weeks to a month of use it’s as stable as the standard Iceweasel, I’ll try to post it here. If that’s possible, I don’t know that yet. 😛
  • Finally decide on a be-all, end-all configuration of window manager and applications for one, stable computer that will not be fiddled with…for a month, anyway. 😈 This will be something of a controversial issue to some people, if they don’t realize that I’m only posting my own preference.
  • Figure out how to create a LiveCD or LiveDVD of many small GNU/Linux distros. I’ve seen it documented in several places, but I coudn’t really figure it out.

Any further ideas that come to mind right now aren’t really practical, so I’ll end both the list and the post here.


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