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Thinkpad kernel on hold, for now.

Yep, sorry folks. 😦 I only have one laptop hard drive (since the 4GB I originally used in the Thinkpad failed), and I only put the 20GB in it because my Laitude C600 failed. I had my spare motherboard shipped to me and have assembled everything to it…including the hard drive. So the Thinkpad can only boot from CD now, and only has 140MB memory now, so compiling a kernel on it is far out of the question. Only hope is a USB drive installation and a bootable CD to pass the boot process to it.

Really wish FreeBSD’s setup program recognized my Xircom PC-Card->Ethernet adapter, as I wanted to run that on it, but it didn’t and I don’t feel like burning three CD’s for the whole OS — especially as it seems FreeBSD has had problems with Xircom stuff for many versions. 😐

I’m definitely keeping my notes on what seemed to be needed.  I never managed to sort out exactly what kept the root filesystem from being detected — I tried several comibinations of no-init+ATA driver & filesystem compiled in, init with modules, init with built-in, and no-init & no module support. Nothing quite worked, and I’m pretty sure I even tried the generic hardware options.

On a related note, I was very surprised to find that my Arch installation from the Latitude C600 booted with virtually no problems with the Thinkpad’s hardware. I had to replace the xf86-video-r128 driver with xf86-video-neomagic, but otherwise I have no persistent problems. So, Delli might just give me the latitude I need to keep trying. 😉

Meanwhile, I need to sleep, handle real life, and figure out why Midori isn’t handling animated GIFs correctly.  😆


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