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Putting Pacman on Wheels

There is a lot of info on this subject on the Arch Linux wiki here, but I discovered a simple suggestion on a blog called “Michael Tom-Wing: Ideas without Inhibitions” that really speeds things up with only one simple change to the Pacman configuration — it outputs a LOT to the console, but that doesn’t make much difference to me when everything is being downloaded in parallel. :mrgreen:

Simply add this line to /etc/pacman.conf (you need to “su root” or else use sudo to do this):

XferCommand = /usr/bin/axel --output=%o %u

Be warned that this sometimes causes problems, and I haven’t tracked down the cause or how to prevent them yet. Don’t use on a production machine.

Enjoy the speed! (What speed? Well, here’s what K. Mandla got once downloading an iso)


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