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A Note About Elinks

The biggest thing tying me to having an Xserver and Firefox, besides perhaps Facebook, is WordPress itself. I have been unable to login to WordPress, and it drives me a little crazier than I already am. 😀

Until today. I re-read K. Mandla’s entry on “How To Use Elinks Like a Pro“, and noticed one little line in the middle of the bullet-list at the end of the entry. “elinks likes to rely on its cached pages . . .If you log into a site and yet you’re still being prompted for a username and password, you’re probably just looking at a cached version. Press CTRL-R to reload the page.” 😳

Yup — right under my nose the whole time, typical. 🙄

I have one other discovery to put here for future reference. Hit F9 to enter the menus, S for Setup, then T for Terminal Options. Under color settings, change to 256 colors. [B]Much[/B] better looking than the default color scheme. (Whose idea was it to make white the default background? No offense, but it really hurts my eyes, and hitting Shift-5 every time I start the browser is annoying. :|) This only works on the framebuffer or in a 256-color-enabled terminal emulator under an xserver, and obviously only if elinks is compiled with 256-color support.

Anyhow, enjoy! :mrgreen:


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