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Less Browser, More Web

Five pieces to this puzzle.

  1. Xmonad window manager, granting tiling and razor-thin-edge window borders
  2. Firefox 3.5.3
  3. Compact Menu 2 plugin, to merge those menus into one icon.
  4. Personal Menu plugin, to allow rearranging search bar, controls, etc into one line, create a custom menu, and choose which controls will be available.
  5. Classic Compact theme, which frankly looks better than the default GTK+ theme

Which adds up to:

Doesn’t help the memory consumption any, as you can see on the right, but at least you have more screen real-estate to see the important stuff. 😉

P.S.: This is REALLY handy for netbooks!! Not only do you get a tiling window manager — meaning that you don’t have to constantly resize and reposition windows — but you can switch from tiling to full-screen mode with a single key-combo.


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