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Acer Aspire One A0751h: Part Two

Acer Aspire One 751hThis second entry in the netbook saga focuses on removing the programs that do little more than take up space — the OEM Bloatware — so more space can be freed for a Linux installation.

I started by removing the trialware Microsoft Office — I tried loading it once, and it was slow, besides taking up several hundred megabytes. I also stripped out Microsoft Works, which reminds me strikingly of Microsoft Word about ten years ago and takes up 562 MB. Don’t forget to trash the “2007 Office System” compatibility pack and the MS Office “Suite Activation Assistant”, if you don’t plan to reinstall.

Then I methodically (and with great annoyance) individually uninstalled everything whose publisher was “Oberon Media” — they’re all trialware games. Feel free to play them some if you want, first…but remember, the “Dream Day Wedding” game alone uses almost 90MB, and there are a lot of these games. Yeah, the harddrive is 220GB or so, but I don’t like my Windows installations and their software using 20GBs or more when I can do the same with less. 😉 And besides, they are a distraction, and detract from the main purpose of a netbook: web browsing, document editing, music playing, etc.

Why they put a DVD/Blueray player application that uses 96.4 MB of disk space in a netbook that doesn’t even have an optical drive of any kind, I have no idea. 🙄

Personally, I know enough of what needs to be done to maintain a Windows system without having Acer’s “help”, so I trash Acer Assist, eRecovery Management, Registration, and Screensaver. I doubt I’ll every really need the webcam, but I’ll leave the CrystalEye program installed, just in case I’m wrong. Which happens every couple of years. 😛

I know nothing about the Carbonite Online Backup service, but if I want to store things in the cloud I’ll use Dropbox.

Once those million bits of hard-made digital junk are gone, what’s left is, conceivably, actually useful. If you use Windows Live, that is — I don’t even care to know what it is, personally, and I get rid of it and gain a total of about 124MB additional space.

I assume the Powerpoint viewer will be good to have, if Openoffice Impress can’t handle something on the Linux side. I’m not sure how useful eSobi (which appears to be an RSS aggregator) is yet, so I’ll leave that in for now.

Don’t forget to run Defragmenter on it — or better, get UltraDefrag, an open-source defragmenter that actually shows you how much defragging remains to be done. 😉


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