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Putting an Old Laptop on the “Big Screen”

I discovered this on my older laptop, the Dell Latitude C600. It has an S-Video output on it, so I decided to hunt down how to enable it. I’m running Debian Squeeze on it at the moment, so I ran this command to get the necessary utility:

sudo apt-get install atitvout

Then, with the S-Video cable plugged into the laptop at one end and a large (I’m guessing around 150cm (~60 inches) diagonal measurement) RCA-brand TV on the other, I ran the command like so:

sudo atitvout -f t

to force off the LCD screen and enable the S-Video output. To reverse this, just type:

sudo atitvout -f l

to disable the S-Video output and reenable the LCD screen.

Unfortunatly, I cannot get a higher resolution on the television screen than I can on my LCD, resulting in a blurry image. It would of course help to do some research on what resolutions the television will accept, but as I’m borrowing the S-Video cable, and must return it today, I simply won’t have the time to further experiment with it. 😦 This is because it is an NTSC television, only capable of a 720×480 resolution. Attempting to output a higher-resolution image is possible, but is automatically reduced to the lower resolution.

Also, I cannot enable BOTH the LCD and the S-Video output at the same time, from what I can determine from my experience and what Scroogle found. This would be a very handy feature to have, if I had to make a presentation that required hooking up to a projecter that had only an S-Video input and no VGA input. 👿 Good thing that’s very unlikely to happen! 😐


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