Doesn't Not Compute

My log of experiences with GNU/Linux and computers in general.

Realizations, Reprioritizations

In the past, I’ve typically started with a minimal Debian or Arch installations, install as minimal an Xorg graphics server as practical, and the most minimal programs I can find to do the job I need done. And I’ll continue doing that, because I enjoy it.

But minimalism only has so much of a point on a modern netbook, especially one with 2GB of memory, so I think it is time I revisit the desktop enviroments — the major ones have been blogged about and covered in countless places, however…so no GNOME or KDE.  XFCE? I’ll look into it, I suppose, as I haven’t used it for a while. Counting standard, complete installation?  A good year. 😆

I’m thinking about experimenting with GNUstep, Enlightenment, ROX, FVWM, Equinox Desktop Enviroment, and XFast.  Of course, one could become lost in the depths of FVWM for months, so I should probably do that last. 😉

With winter break coming up, I should have enough time to at least mess with Enlightenment and FVWM, since I’ve used them before, a long while back before I discovered IceWM, JWM, and Openbox.


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