Doesn't Not Compute

My log of experiences with GNU/Linux and computers in general.

A Series of Unfortunate Opportunities

As if being unable to make GNUStep, and programs based on it, to compile on my Arch Linux wasn’t bad enough, now I cannot start most GTK+-based programs on my netbook — I get segmentation faults. Two separate attempts to post on this blog were thwarted by Firefox crashing. 😡  Anything QT or KDE-based works just fine though, so I’ve been stuck with those.

Additionally, FTP transfers from the netbook to a softmodded Xbox resulted in file corruption on the Xbox, requiring me to repeatedly reload everything on the Xbox from another machine. At least, until I tried doing all of the FTPing from my Debian machine. Then it worked perfectly. 😕

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as it’s actually forcing me to ignore my excessively-minimalistic tendencies and actually examine the functionality of the program. And I must say, I’m more impressed than I had been before. The look between QT/KDE apps may be more “cartoonish”, as I’ve seen some people write, but it’s more consistent and attractive than default GTK+, or many of GTK+’s themes, and with far less work involved.

I’m actually running KDE 3.5 on my Debian desktop now, with mostly all-KDE and QT apps, and enjoying it immensely. 😀

But now I must fix my netbook… Arch Linux is great, and generally very stable, but I need two machines on which I don’t need to manually configure everything. That’s usually a lot of fun, but sometimes “just working” is a necessity. 😦

So now, even though it’s (by default) a GNOME-based distribution, I’m installing Linux Mint 8 on the netbook. After all, I need SOMETHING to use up those 2GB of memory. 😉


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