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What a Waste of Time With Benefits

Those of you who follow my Twitter account know that I’ve been wrestling with the IEGD driver again, this time on Fedora 10. After putting the .iso image on an SD card, installing the Fedora 10 KDE edition, and following Intel’s directions(PDF) to the letter, I finally got the driver “working.”

Working for a few minutes at a time, that is. Because every few minutes, the Xserver would freeze up completely — no keyboard or mouse input whatsoever, so Ctrl-Alt-Backspace didn’t work, even when I enabled it in the Xorg.conf file. As Dagoth Ur stated in the video game Elder Scrolls 3, “There is no escape. No recall or intervention can work in this place!”

Performance, as measured with glxgears (yes, I KNOW it’s not a real benchmark, but all of my other tests on this hardware have been with glxgears so at least it’s a consistent base) was no better than with the xf86-video-fbdev driver. I didn’t bother testing accelerated video playback for fear things would become even MORE unstable.

Fedora 10’s Xorg, Xorg 1.5.3, supposedly has some issues anyway, but I followed Intel’s directions on avoiding them. So, unless I did something wrong by following directions too precisely (problems have been caused by that before), the IEGD driver is useless on my hardware — the US15W Poulsbo chipset — with at LEAST the Xorg version Fedora 10 uses. This is the only distro I’ve gotten the driver to work at all on, so I’m not very happy.

On the bright side, this experience has introduced me to Fedora 10. Most of what impressed me is pretty superficial, such as the GTK theme, bootsplash, and wallpaper — all things I’m sure I could track down for Arch. But I feel I must say that I like the speed of the yum package manager — seems noticeably quicker than apt is on Debian, Ubuntu, and Linux Mint.

It seems a little slow to boot up immediately after installation, and a good

su -c "prelink -amR"

takes far longer on Fedora than it does on any other distro I’ve used, but otherwise it seems as good at detecting the hardware in my netbook and desktop automatically as Ubuntu does. So I might just download Fedora 12 sometime to try it out. 🙂 Assuming, of course, I can find a decent how-to on how to shut off the massive list of services that are started by default — this isn’t as easy as Arch, that’s for certain already!

So, Fedora gets a 🙂

The IEGD driver gets a 👿 👿 👿

I really hope the driver Phoronix talked about back in November wasn’t this IEGD “driver”, because all this drives me to is chocolate soymilk — not that that’s bad stuff. 😉


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