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Re: The New Theme Setup

Blog NewsIf you’ve visited in the past six hours or so before this post, you’ve probably been a bit confused by misalignments of parts of the blog. Sorry about that, I thought I had everything sorted out on my testing blog before I copied the CSS code over, but apparantly not.

I’ve kept the same color scheme it’s been for the past week or so,  the obvious changes were making the format a fixed-width (hate it, but have no real choice),  making the navbar up in the header more readable, and moving the sidebar to the right side. 😀

It seems to make everything much more readable, at least to me. As much as I loved having the site resize itself to fit the screen space available, that’s not possible — thanks to either the theme’s setup or my lack of CSS prowess, I have to use absolute positioning to force the sidebar to the right, and that would result in the blog only being usable at 1024×768 resolution. 😦

Update: Actually, I ended up using a margin-left line in the code — now it actually works at resolutions other than 1024×768.  Yes, the absolute positioning did the exact thing I was trying to avoid.  😳

I also changed the line spacing a bit,  and smoothed a few things over. There are still some quirks I wasn’t able to sort out, mainly with the navigation bars at the top and bottom of individual posts, so those are disabled for now. Sorry for the inconvience — I’ll be sure to create a page with the most important posts listed. 🙂

Update: I got the issue with the top navigation bar sorted out, so it’s re-enabled.

Feel free to look around, explore, and comment. Unless you’re a spammer, then don’t bother commenting, you’re very unlikely to make it through the filter. :mrgreen:

P.S. To Internet Explorer users:  You’ll need Internet Explorer 8 for this site to be displayed correctly from now on. Any version from 5 onward will work, but this site will not be displayed correctly. If you’re on a corporate machine or otherwise cannot upgrade, consider using Firefox Portable Edition, running off of a USB flash drive. PLEASE ASK PERMISSION FIRST.


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