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My log of experiences with GNU/Linux and computers in general.

New Pages

Blog NewsJust thought I would point out that I’ve added two new pages to the blog, “Howtos” and “Software”. They’re both listed in the navigation bar, directly below the “Doesn’t Not Compute” header.

“Howtos” is, more or less, an index of the more important entries I’ve posted, things like the Tweaking Firefox for Netbooks article and the Acer Aspire One 751h series (which begins here, if you’re interested.)

“Software” is intended to be a list of the software I use. At the moment, it only includes two internet browsers — one of which I rarely use anymore — and is woefully incomplete. It is a work in progress, rest assured that it will be filled out over time. As in the next week or two, in all likelihood. As I was making the Howtos page public, I felt it was time to pull the Software page off of the back burner and get to work on it — and having something in the open that one is not satisfied with is often the best motivation one can have to fix it. 🙂

Also, I changed the URL and name of several entries when I put them into the “Howtos” list– the one about using the S-Video output on a Dell Latitude C600 and the one about setting CFLAGS when compiling a Debian package from source. If you had bookmarks set for them, you should update them. Feel free to leave a comment too. 😀

Well, now that you have your news update and “life coaching” for the day, happy reading and may the source be with you!


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