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My log of experiences with GNU/Linux and computers in general.

Another Page in the Log

Blog NewsIf you’ll look up at the page list, directly below the header, you’ll see a tab for a new page. It’s dedicated to the US15W Poulsbo chipset, and its GNU/Linux and Xorg support in paticular.

It’s not newbie-friendly, sorry. It’s an “index”, not a how-to. There are a couple links to how-tos, though. 😐

This probably isn’t something I’m going to be able to maintain by myself as well as I’d like, but something is better than nothing. I haven’t been able to find any other conglomerated list of information like this elsewhere, so I’ve been working on it occasionally for the last month or so.

I also added a couple web browsers and two editors to the Software page.

In other news, I might not be able to post much for a couple days, although I do have one idea for a short “Pointing Out Helpful Info” entry. I have finals this week and then next week I’m moving. I also have less than a day to write an informative speech that I have barely started on. 😆

So, enjoy and PLEASE suggest additional info for the new page.


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