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Big Brother Google Was Striking At IE6, Not

Yesterday, I reported that was no longer functional, due to Google’s removal of the interface that Scroogle’s scraper used. is working again now, one day after the change, due to the assistance of an apparently unnamed trio of Scroogle users. With their tips, Scroogle was changed to utilize instead, with an “&output=ie” added to the URL.

Those details, namely the source of the help and the new URL utilized by Scroogle’s scraper, were found at The Register’s article about the situation. I am not affiliated with The Register.

There is a discussion on Slashdot, if you’re interested.

Google’s statement to The Wall Street Journal about the situation, according to this entry in their technology blog “Digits”, seems to be

…the site that Scroogle was using was intended to fit within the sidebar feature of Internet Explorer 6 and that it is being phased out along with Google support for IE6 in general. Users who had IE6 with the Google Toolbar installed and Google selected as their default search engine could get results in a bar on the side of their browser, and these results needed to remain simple because of space and other limitations.

But “due to significant decrease in usage, we discontinued this interface and are encouraging searchers to upgrade their browser,” the spokesman said.

So apparently, it had nothing to do with Scroogle. Officially, anyway. Although I doubt they’re particularly happy about some service leeching off of them without contributing back in any way. (Too bad, Google, try living up to your “Don’t be evil” motto then.)

For the record, Google DOES have a standardized API for accessing search results from them — it’s just AJAX-based and would require Scroogle to obey the Terms of Use.

So, happy Scroogling, and remember: IT’S SCROOGLE.ORG, NOT SCROOGLE.COM, WHICH NSFW! :mrgreen:


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