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Re: Asking Me To Link to Your Blog/Website

Blog NewsRecently I’ve been getting comments asking if I would be interested in linking between my blog and their’s. So I’m going to put a few rules up to give you an idea on what offers I’ll consider, in the (likely vain) hope that I won’t be asked in the future.

  1. Your site’s subject matter must be related to something I’ve discussed here or have previously linked to.
  2. Don’t spam, and don’t welcome obvious spam on your site.
  3. Don’t use excessive profanity or vulgarity on a constant basis.
  4. Don’t assume that just because my blog is small that I’ll do anything for traffic. 👿

And I reserve the right to add to or modify these rules at any time, with or without notification. Although, since I’m a nice person I will probably post about it. 😉

Why am I making a big deal about this? Because I’ve gotten several requests — at least, several that got through the Akismet spam filter used by — and none of them meet these standards. Take this one that I received and unapproved the other day on my review of Ubuntu 10.04 Beta 1 (which is obsolete and STILL my most popular post to date):

Hi there

I’m *******, and I Have a group of
realtor blogs. I am looking for a link 3rd party exchange.

Could you email me ?

Let’s see . . . have I talked about the realtor’s business at all in this blog? Hmm…nope. Not once. Not even anything related to it. 😐

As for the second two rules, they are just for courtesy to my readers. I don’t link to things containing profanity/vulgarity unless they are the only source of info on the subject I can find, or close to it, and *then* I place a warning.

And as for the fourth rule, it’s pretty self-explanatory. As of the time of this post, I have been writing this blog since June 2009, have had 3,703 visits, and currently have an average of 48 visits per day. And I’m quite happy with that — this isn’t a news or advertising blog, it isand always has been a place for me to put my ideas, experiments and experiences in one convenient place. I’m not selling my soul to improve my traffic, I’m not making money off of this blog and currently don’t need to. I don’t think WordPress allows that anyway. 😆

So anyway, there are the rules. Rather dry post, but don’t worry — more interesting stuff is coming in a week or two, I just have to finish sorting stuff out from my move. 🙂


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