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Meta-interruptions, and Mother’s Laptop

Well, today’s post was going to be about a new-to-me laptop, since my main project isn’t done yet. But then my mother brought HER new laptop to me because she couldn’t get it to connect to her wireless network. Since I am the one who maintains that network, I decide what runs on it, so I get to do a little tinkering before she gets it back.

This isn’t the laptop itself, but another of the same model I found on Flickr. (1)

Her laptop is a Dell Inspiron 2200, with an Intel Pentium M 1.60GHz processor, 512MB of memory shared with the integrated Intel 915GM graphics chipset. It even has a built-in CD-RW/DVD-ROM drive. It just seems to have one main problem.

It’s running an OEM Windows XP SP3 loaded with additional bloatware. šŸ‘æ

Windows XP isn’t the worst choice for a machine of these specs, I suppose. *insert Vista joke here* The bloatware is, however, and includes several toolbars, pathetic little games, a LimeWire client known as Frostwire (viruses, anyone?) and a World of Warcraft trial. Wait, that last one might not be so useless. šŸ˜ˆ

Ahem. Also, whoever set it up seems to have installed MSN software, Nero Suite, 3.1, the privacy violation called Google Chrome, and some version of XBMC. XBMC, for those who don’t know, is a multimedia center program that originally was developed for modded Xboxes but has since developed beyond the Xbox’s capabilities and officially abandoned it. I’m not sure why that’s on here, but Mom doesn’t really need it. I’ll leave that on there, though; the bloatware and Chrome are going into the Windows equivalent of /dev/null.

Assuming the charger part of the PSU doesn’t break off inside — it’s already a little finicky — I might try to slim XP down as far as I safely can, and then set up a dual-boot defaulting to a GNU/Linux distro.

(1) Photo belongs to Mike Dent. Photo used under terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommerical-No Derivative Works License 2.0 Generic.


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