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PCLinuxOS 2010 and i8kutils

PCLinuxOSBrief helpful info time: after quite a bit of searching, I haven’t found a way to control fan speed in Dell Latitude laptops in PCLinuxOS 2010. In other distros I’ve tried, such as Debian, Ubuntu, Linux Mint, and Arch Linux, all that was necessary was to install the “i8kutils” package and enter

i8kfan 1 1

to force the fan(s) to medium speed or

i8kfan 2 2

to force them to high speed. (This was on both a Dell Latitude C600 and C800.) But i8kutils is nowhere to be found in PCLinuxOS’s repositories, and the only result returned when searching for “i8k” is the gnome-sensor-applet, which merely monitors information made available by the i8k kernel module — it’s incapable of setting the fan speed.

So, game over, right? Ha. No, sorry, I’m a little too stubborn for that. :mrgreen: I went looking for the upstream source of i8kutils . . . didn’t find it, so I went to Debian’s Sid repository and downloaded the the .deb package, extracted the data.tar.gz archive inside, and extracted the /usr/bin directory from that.

I don’t even need to properly copy the files into place — simply running

./i8kfan 2 2

(including the ./ at the beginning) from where the files are extracted is sufficient to set the fans to high speed.

P.S.: Yes, I’ve been playing with a new GNU/Linux distro. PCLinuxOS 2010 GNOME edition, to be precise. 🙂


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