Doesn't Not Compute

My log of experiences with GNU/Linux and computers in general.


Just letting you know — you can now disregard the previous note, I’ve decided to stick with the Titan theme.

I’ll miss the old shades-of-blue, CSS-only, image-free theme I had before though. I had put a lot of work into it — it was based on the Sandbox theme, had rounded corners, moved the sidebar to the right . . . *sigh*

I managed to get things looking generally right between browsers, too — although that took FOREVER, and STILL had some annoying, minor alignment issues that marred the perfection. And that was without zooming the page. 😡

Overall, though, I think this change is for the better. As much as I didn’t like having a lot of things stashed in the footer, it really helps keep things from being cramped in the sidebar. Specifically, I can have the links and widgets to help people navigate through the site more easily. In other words, it’s growing on me.

Well, that’s the Blog News for today. I already have a “real” post written up and scheduled to be published Monday morning, so be sure to check in then for some amusement/wonder. I need to go do some comparisions of a minimal Ubuntu 10.04 LTS install to an Arch Linux 2010.5 install. :mrgreen:


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