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Halo 2600 — Halo on an Atari 2600

I don’t know enough about the modern-day Atari scene. In fact, I know almost nothing whatsoever. My experience with Atari is limited to my earliest childhood years, on what (from memory and research) I suspect was a Sears Video Arcade II (a Sears version of the Atari 2800).

However, during some somewhat random wandering of the interwebs, I discovered an article about a recent creation by a former Vice President of Micosoft, Ed Fries.

May I present to you the 4 KB amusement, “Halo:2600”, as shown in an online emulator (which is Flash-based, oh the irony):

Halo 2600 titlescreen

Title Screen -- press "Game Reset to begin" here

Getting ganged up on by Covenant forces:

Halo 2600 ingame

Ingame -- arrow keys move, space fires (once you have a gun)

A close-up view of me getting killed for my lack of video game skills:

Halo 2600 ingame scene, close-up view

Ingame, close-up view

This game is actually programmed to run on the Atari 2600, and takes up about 4 KB of space (as I mentioned). Assuming you don’t have an Atari 2600 or compatible hardware, you could use one of the emulators recommended online by the Atari homebrew scene. ;~) Who says you need an Xbox 360 — or even original Xbox — to enjoy some Halo goodness?

Also, it seems we know now how long it takes to escape Micro$oft’s bloat paradigm and reteach yourself: 6 years, if you have prior experience in performance-cramped technology. 😆

“Official” thread here, including the author’s story of the game’s development.


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