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Rockbox: Bugfix and Feature For Nano2G

Just a quick note to myself, and to other users of Rockbox on the iPod Nano 2nd generation. I highly recommend using BOTH these patches, as the bugfix prevents a LOT of frustration and the feature saves some power.

Recently — for me, since I tried r27995 and updated the install procedure — the Nano2G has been plagued with odd, seemingly random panics when writing to “disk”.

Stkov nand

Apparently this has to do with a stack overflow (I guess that’s what Stkov means :mrgreen:). The fix that actually works (even if the author thinks it’s a “kludge”) is a patch hosted at Note: the “underlying problem” was fixed and committed in r28011, this patch is not needed if you update to the current build. 😀

As for the feature, with another patch the actual screen will now shut off, not just the backlight! 😀 This is something I’ve been waiting for since I first started using Rockbox on the Nano2G. Here’s the patch:, enjoy! Not really sure how much power it saves yet, but it works perfectly. About 4-5 seconds after the backlight shuts off, so will the screen itself. When you press a button (assuming the “hold” switch isn’t on, of course) both the backlight and the screen immediately come back on.

At the moment, these are not in the SVN yet, so they are not in the daily build. You’ll have to install Subversion and the packages needed to build the Rockbox toolchain, check out Rockbox’s svn repository, build the toolchain, download the patch into the root of the directory the repo was downloaded to, patch, and then configure and build Rockbox.

Don’t worry, if you aren’t familiar with the process the Rockbox wiki describes the process quite simply, and the process of building the toolchain is completely automatic. 🙂 Not a user of a GNU/Linux distro? Sorry to here that — the sections on developing with Cygwin (the recommended method if you have to use Window$) are here, for installing the toolchain, and here, for the build process.

Happy Rockboxing! 🙂


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