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Xbox Tweaking: Jedi Academy

Today’s post will be pretty useless for anybody that doesn’t have a modified Xbox that is NOT a 360, a copy of Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy for the Xbox, and said game backed-up to the hard drive of that Xbox. I won’t be describing how to modify the Xbox, as Xbox-scene can describe it quite thoroughly. 😉

Some games that were released for the Xbox have configuration files, even though the final product was intended to be placed on non-changeable discs. :mrgreen: Since these games were also released for a certain computer operating system, and have known tweaks that can be done there, it seems logical that at least some of those tweaks can be used in the Xbox version.

And today I decided to try digging around in the configuration of Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy.  This game uses the Quake III: Team Arena engine, so theoretically it can use any of the tweaks the engine recognizes, right?

Well, not on the Xbox.  It seems that some things work, such as enabling the Frames Per Second display; others do not, such as trying to force the rendering mode to a less intensive method. I suppose those are hard-coded in the executable (default.xbe), and override the configuration file (base/default.cfg). 😦

The rest of this post contains  what tweaks I’ve attempted alongside whether they worked or not. Expect this post to be updated from time to time, and don’t expect me to try anything that has to do with multiplayer ping and such. 😀

Not only do I not take any responsibility for any lockups or any other problems you might encounter while messing around with the configuration, I stress that some of the settings may cause issues — especially the ones marked as such. Please back up the default configuration, or be able to extract it from the original disc, before attempting to experiment.

Attempted Tweaks: Existing Lines

r_textureMode — tested GL_NEAREST, GL_NEAREST_MIPMAP_NEAREST, and compared FPS to the default GL_LINEAR_MIPMAP_LINEAR.  No difference.

cg_drawFPS — Default “0” for no display. Changed to “1” to test r_textureMode. Works.

cg_marks — Default “1” to display wall scorching from lightsabers. Setting to “0” disables this.  Works, but I don’t see how this is necessary in single-player on a console.

cg_saberAutoThird — Default “1”. While logically changing this to “0” would make it possible to have first-person lightsaber battling, this appears to have No effect in single-player.

cg_simpleitems — Default “0”.  Changed to “1”, items became 2D icons. Pretty handy, as you can see where they are even if structures are in the way. Works.

r_vertexLight — Default “0”.  Leave at default. Causes Xbox to lock up on some levels and display gray boxes for many things in others. Some levels may work, such as Yavin Jungle, but have odd lighting issues. Useless, causes crashes.

r_detailtextures — Default “0”. Tried “1”. No difference.

r_fastsky — Default “0”. “1” is supposed to disable drawing the sky, but No difference for me.

r_overBrightBits — Default “0”. Increasing this is supposed to increase brightness, but apparantly decreases performance. Which makes this setting’s making No difference make perfect sense . . . except that it normally couldn’t be changed, anyway. :s

r_depthbits — Default “0”. Tried “16” and “32”. No difference.

Attempted Tweaks: Custom Lines for Quake3 Engine

cg_draw3dIcons — is supposed to force use of 3d HUD icons, but No difference.

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