Doesn't Not Compute

My log of experiences with GNU/Linux and computers in general.


Writer: Mulenmar

Location: Midwestern United States of America

Blog Purpose: Collecting my ideas, plans, and experiments in one location. Also, just collect interesting info.

Post Frequency:Varies, usually at least once a week or two. Subscribe to the RSS feed!

Short version of the legalese: No warranty provided for any content here. All trademarks are property of their respective holders. I am not responsible for the content of websites I link to. I, however, retain the right to hold commenters responsible for the websites or other documents and resources they link to.

I try to make everything I post accurate; however, you might read this some time after I put it here, the internet being what it has become, and the materials here might be out of date. Anything on the relevant distribution/operating system’s home site is canon, and on here fodder, when they disagree. (If the situation is reversed, please tell me 😉. AND, more importantly, file some sort of bug report or whatever is appropriate for the relevant subject.)

Again, the warranty in the GPL and/or BSD and/or any other appropriate licenses is ALL the warranty you get: absolutely nothing. If you break it, you get to keep both pieces, I believe the popular phrase is.

And finally, just to make it clear, this is all mainly for my own education/improvement/remembering and other personal usage. I simply wanted other people to be able to benefit as well. :mrgreen:


  1. Mulenmar, hereafter referred to as “I”,  wishes to remain anonymous as far as anything Big Google tracks, so that is all the personal info I’ll post here.
  2. I will do my best to cite sources correctly; the exact format may not be correct, however, but I will try to always post the exact link.
  3. Before posting that link, I will attempt to track down the original author and ask permission if that is necessary under copyright laws in the USA.
  4. If tracking down the original author fails within 60 hours of permission request, per item #3, I will send a notice stating that I am using aforementioned content, with as full documentation as I can manage, pending approval and will remove or modify upon request.  I will strive to perform said amendment within 36 hours of receiving request, barring hardware failures, natural or human-made disaster, or long-term power outage.
  5. If you, a reader or an author of linked, paraphrased, or condensed content, discover something incorrectly cited, please comment saying so, particularly if you have a suggestion (or, if the original author, a request) to reformat, better cite, or remove the offending content and accept my sincere apologies.
  6. If I have violated your copyright or trademark, and you decide to sue me (in the nigh-infinitely improbable scenario of my not responding to legal actions such as a Cease and Desist message and prerequisite actions), I ask that you at least provide funds to support my own defense. 😛
  7. I do not, as of the date of publishing of these terms, make **any** profit from material published here.
  8. Content published here, unless otherwise stated, is written by myself or was found marked as “Public Domain” or under a Creative Commons, GNU Free Documentation, or other similar license. mistakes such as in the above items excepted, and repeatedly apologized for.
  9. I, despite the rather annoying phraseology above, am not a lawyer and have used no legal consul other than basic research on some simple copyright laws pertaining to blogs. If I have left any loopholes in the above terms that could be harmful to myself, associates, or anyone else…I’m in trouble. Which is part of why item #6 is there. 😆

This blog and its contents are not associated with WordPress or any of its employees, management, or associates, provided hosting notwithstanding. All opinions are of their respective authors only.

All trademarks mentioned are the property of their owners. Unless otherwise specified, I am not assoiciated with the trademark holders in any way, usage of products notwithstanding.

Trolling in the comments will not be tolerated, nor will advertising or adult content.

Creative Commons License
This work by Mulenmar is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.


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