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Who Says IceWM is Ugly?!

Okay, I’ll grant that the themes that come with the Ice Window Manager from its source repository are quite unattractive to many. Drab, flat gray or annoyingly contrasting colors scream “mid-1990’s”. Thick solid-color borders not only waste space, but are unattractive to boot.
An example? here: The Motif theme -- very gray, very 1980's.
That’s the Motif theme. If you don’t know what the Motif toolkit is, Wikipedia should be able to help somewhat. The toolkit was designed back in the 1980’s, so the look is a bit dated. There is a yellow version as well, which is much less drab, see it after the “More” break: Read more of this post


A not half-bad looking desktop…

Well, here’s an eyefull:

Screenshot 9-9-09

That’s Arora 0.9.0, IceWM 1.2.37-2, the Azenus theme for IceWM by mellimat, Leafpad 0.8.16, and mrxvt 0.5.4-2 with the default Arch configuration, more or less — only change was to pass color settings for the text via the command line in my ~/.xinitrc.

94MB of memory used is a little more than I’d like, but works quite well on this system.

I’m using the Rezlooks-charamel GTK theme with Azenus, as you can see in the open Leafpad window, and I think the combination works well. I only wish Shiretoko (*cough* unofficial branding Firefox 3.5.2 *cough*) would obey the GTK theme setting. 😦

The system is quite responsive so far, but I’m not exactly trying to test the limits of this Pentium 3 system. Not yet, anyway. 😛

Once last note: Menumaker, which is available in the Arch repos, is a handy addition to IceWM. It unfortunately doesn’t support mrxvt, so I had to temporarily install aterm, but this is no big deal. I especially like how Pacman, Arch’s PACkage MANager, got stuck under Games -> Arcade :mrgreen: