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A better name for this page would be, “The Important Stuff”, but that doesn’t look as tidy in the navigation bar 😉

Howto: Set Screen Brightness for Poulsbo Netbook from Terminal

  • Includes a script to help you set the brightness with less typing!

PCLinuxOS 2010 and i8kutils

  • PCLinuxOS does not have i8kutils package in its repositories, even though the tools are needed to control the fan speed on Dell laptops.
  • Describes how to extract the files from Debian Testing’s i8kutils package and install in PCLinuxOS.

iPod Nano 2G Fun: Rockbox r27995 Update

  • Simplified directions for manually installing the “unstable” port of Rockbox to the iPod Nano 2G
  • You can watch (properly encoded) video on your tiny Nano 2G’s screen — something Apple didn’t incorporate until the next generation!
  • Play Ogg Vorbis, MP3, AAC (MP4 and RealAudio), non-crippled WMA, ADX, Speex, Cook, ATRAC3, and AC3 “lossy” formats
  • Play FLAC, WAV, ALAC, Wavpack, AIFF, Shorten (no seeking support), TTA(, Monkey’s Audio possible?)

Rockbox: How to Find What Version You’re Using

  • Tells where to go in the Rockbox menu structure to determine what revision you’re running — helpful if you run an unstable port.
  • Tells how to find the revision, even if the screen is broken, by hooking up to a computer.

One Thing About Ustream Sucks…And What I Do About It

  • Using an IRC chat client with Ustream’s chat function

Tweaking Firefox for Netbooks

  • Interface tweaks and add-ons that make the experience much more pleasent
  • Dial-up users: Be warned, this post is image-heavy

Putting an Old Laptop on the “Big Screen”

  • This is a how-to on use the S-Video output of a Dell Latitude C600 running Debian Squeeze.
  • It should be adaptable to  any other GNU/Linux distribution that has the atitvout package.
  • Arch Linux does not have the atitvout package. Users of this awesome distribution should see the Arch Wiki section about ATI TV-out.

Font info specifics: Arch Linux

  • Names the specific packages needed on Arch Linux for some East Asian fonts to be displayed properly.
  • This paticular blog entry needs expansion.

Acer Aspire One AO751h

  • Part One describes a few things to gain more screen space in Windows. Not much else.
  • Part Two describes the bloatware added onto the already overweight Windows Vista operating system by Acer, and the process of removing it to make way for resizing the partition and installing a GNU/Linux operating system.
  • Part Three describes some additional useful packages to install when install Arch Linux on this netbook. It also describes the state of suspend-to-RAM support, which has turned for the worse since I wrote the entry. A note has been placed in the text about this.
  • Part Four describes how to get the full screen resolution under Arch Linux WITHOUT using either of the Poulsbo drivers.
  • Part Five describes how to set the DPI of fonts in Debian- and Ubuntu-based GNU/Linux distributions.
  • Part Six describes an alternative way to set font DPI — this method should work on any distribution that uses Xorg. Which is basically all of them.


  • Mentions xtrlock, a very lightweight program for locking your computer while you’re gone.

Change the CFLAGS When Building a Debian Package from Source

  • Describes a way to…well, change the CFLAGS used when building a Debian package from the source code.

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