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I have a side-project I work on from time to time, collecting user agent strings (UAS’s) from various browsers and formatting them into configuration files to use with the User Agent Switcher addon in Firefox. My goals are:

  • Have UAS’s for major Linux versions of:
    • High prority
      • Mozilla Firefox
      • Midori
      • Arora
      • Dillo
      • Netsurf
      • Elinks
    • Medium priority
      • Lynx
      • Links
      • w3m
      • hv3
      • Opera
    • Low priority
      • Internet Explorer and other Trident-based browsers
      • Seamonkey
      • Netscape
      • others
  • Keep the UAS’s for each browser in a separate XML file, each formatted to be easily human-read (ie, each tag indented to show level).
    • This means that Firefox, Dillo, Midori, etc will each have an individual files.

Please don’t gripe about Opera not being “High Priority” — I do not use Opera unless I’m on a version of Windows too old for the lastest versions of Firefox. If you want a useragent file for it, grab a text editor, open, and get cracking. Better yet, use an XML editor like XML Copy Editor. Then send me the file, and I’ll add it with credit.

Bear in mind that the files I produce are, for now, under the same CC-BY-NC-SA license that the rest of this blog is. I may later make these public domain, or I may use some other license. Files that others may contribute are automatically CC-BY-NC-SA as well, unless requested otherwise. (I will *not* make your contribution proprietary, so don’t ask. I don’t even think it would make sense to do, anyway. 🙄 )

*EDIT July 10, 2010* Apparently, File Dropper is NOT a good long-term file hosting location. I will be recreating the files ASAP. Sorry for the inconvenience.


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