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A not half-bad looking desktop…

Well, here’s an eyefull:

Screenshot 9-9-09

That’s Arora 0.9.0, IceWM 1.2.37-2, the Azenus theme for IceWM by mellimat, Leafpad 0.8.16, and mrxvt 0.5.4-2 with the default Arch configuration, more or less — only change was to pass color settings for the text via the command line in my ~/.xinitrc.

94MB of memory used is a little more than I’d like, but works quite well on this system.

I’m using the Rezlooks-charamel GTK theme with Azenus, as you can see in the open Leafpad window, and I think the combination works well. I only wish Shiretoko (*cough* unofficial branding Firefox 3.5.2 *cough*) would obey the GTK theme setting. 😦

The system is quite responsive so far, but I’m not exactly trying to test the limits of this Pentium 3 system. Not yet, anyway. 😛

Once last note: Menumaker, which is available in the Arch repos, is a handy addition to IceWM. It unfortunately doesn’t support mrxvt, so I had to temporarily install aterm, but this is no big deal. I especially like how Pacman, Arch’s PACkage MANager, got stuck under Games -> Arcade :mrgreen: