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IceWM 1.3.7 Released

Most IceWM development has been in a state of deep freeze for years now — mostly new language translations and bugfixes, from what I can see. The long-time stable version (1.2.37) has been in distribution repositories for a very long time now, as it was released in January 2009. Two years ago. 😯

Meanwhile, the last marked-stable version of the “experimental” branch (1.3.6) was released in Januray 2010. I haven’t used that version, but sometime since it was branched from the stable series a bug was introduced. This caused IceWM to crash, and if it had been started with icewm-session it would try to restart, but have taskbar issues. It seems to be this bug on the IceWM bugtracker, which has been closed.

Other than this odd bug, I found very little difference between IceWM 1.2.37 and 1.3.7p2 when I last tried them — the only one I noticed was the battery charge monitor. In 1.2.37 a number was displayed, while in 1.3.7p2 a vertical bar represented the remaining charge.

In anycase, download IceWM 1.3.7 and try it out. ^_^ Meanwhile, I’ll be trying to figure out where to host the ancient, circa 2001 themes I found and downloaded that now are no longer publically available at the ONE place on the entire search-engine-indexed Internet. 😈


One Thing About Ustream That Sucks… And What I Do About It

Ustream LogoI enjoy watching live, streaming video on Ustream, let’s be clear about that. But discussing it at the same time is a strain whether one has a newer computer or not. You have to keep up with the conversation and pay attention to the video at the same time, otherwise you will be lost completely. Read more of this post

A Note About Elinks

The biggest thing tying me to having an Xserver and Firefox, besides perhaps Facebook, is WordPress itself. I have been unable to login to WordPress, and it drives me a little crazier than I already am. 😀

Until today. I re-read K. Mandla’s entry on “How To Use Elinks Like a Pro“, and noticed one little line in the middle of the bullet-list at the end of the entry. “elinks likes to rely on its cached pages . . .If you log into a site and yet you’re still being prompted for a username and password, you’re probably just looking at a cached version. Press CTRL-R to reload the page.” 😳

Yup — right under my nose the whole time, typical. 🙄

I have one other discovery to put here for future reference. Hit F9 to enter the menus, S for Setup, then T for Terminal Options. Under color settings, change to 256 colors. [B]Much[/B] better looking than the default color scheme. (Whose idea was it to make white the default background? No offense, but it really hurts my eyes, and hitting Shift-5 every time I start the browser is annoying. :|) This only works on the framebuffer or in a 256-color-enabled terminal emulator under an xserver, and obviously only if elinks is compiled with 256-color support.

Anyhow, enjoy! :mrgreen:

A not half-bad looking desktop…

Well, here’s an eyefull:

Screenshot 9-9-09

That’s Arora 0.9.0, IceWM 1.2.37-2, the Azenus theme for IceWM by mellimat, Leafpad 0.8.16, and mrxvt 0.5.4-2 with the default Arch configuration, more or less — only change was to pass color settings for the text via the command line in my ~/.xinitrc.

94MB of memory used is a little more than I’d like, but works quite well on this system.

I’m using the Rezlooks-charamel GTK theme with Azenus, as you can see in the open Leafpad window, and I think the combination works well. I only wish Shiretoko (*cough* unofficial branding Firefox 3.5.2 *cough*) would obey the GTK theme setting. 😦

The system is quite responsive so far, but I’m not exactly trying to test the limits of this Pentium 3 system. Not yet, anyway. 😛

Once last note: Menumaker, which is available in the Arch repos, is a handy addition to IceWM. It unfortunately doesn’t support mrxvt, so I had to temporarily install aterm, but this is no big deal. I especially like how Pacman, Arch’s PACkage MANager, got stuck under Games -> Arcade :mrgreen:


Lock your screen, even if your panel/DE/WM doesn’t have a plugin or program to do it! It’s nothing new or fancy — in fact, according to the man page it’s copyrighted 1994 but it’s very lightweight. It’s xtrlock, which I have not been able to track down the homepage of. 😦  It’s in the Debian and Ubuntu repositories

It doesn’t hide what you have on the screen, though, and the default mouse icon is ugly imo. But it’s desgined to do one thing: lock the screen until you type your password correctly and hit Enter. Well, three things: it also sounds a bell if the password is entered incorrectly, and locks out all input for a peroid of time if too many failed attempts occur.