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Project Permafrost

Finally, after two months of work, the first part of my latest project is out in the wild for all to help with.

Project Permafrost is my attempt to create a central community for users of the Ice Window Manager to interact. I’ve set up a forum at where we can:

  • Post new themes for review and critiquing
  • Share configurations
  • Create up-to-date documentation that’s a bit less hapazard than the current official manual and how-tos
  • Socialize (in the “Oort Cloud” forum, requires being logged into a Sourceforge account to even see)
  • Make as many ice-related puns as possible. 😈

There are, of course, some rules for this new community. A few of the most important ones are listed below.

  1. No themes that don’t have a clear license. It can be GPLv2/3/later, LGPLv2/3/later, a BSD-like license, or any of the Creative Commons licenses, but IT MUST HAVE A CLEAR COPYRIGHT LICENSE SPECIFIED AND IN THE ARCHIVE.
  2. No themes that violate someone’s trademark. Sorry, but your super-slick theme that looks just like the latest Redmond OS interface? No Start Button logos.
  3. Don’t be a pain.
  4. No discussions of how to do illegal things. Debate of whether the thing should be legal or not? Maybe in the off-topic “Oort Cloud” forum, we’ll see how that goes.

The spreadsheet I linked before is hosted in the Project Permafrost files section, along with all of the currently redistributable themes from the motherlode mirror (under “TundraThaw”).

As mentioned before, the forums are here.

And there are plenty more ice puns available, don’t worry. 😉